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Audio Interfaces

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    Arturia AudioFuse Studio

    USB 3 Audio Interface

    Arturia's audio interfaces just keep getting better.

    Reviews Sep 2020
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    Arturia AudioFuse 8Pre

    USB Audio Interface & ADAT Expander

    Arturia's new audio interface is well designed, simple to use and enticingly priced.

    Reviews Dec 2019
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    Arturia AudioFuse

    USB Audio Interface

    Arturia’s first foray into the world of audio interfaces squeezes a huge amount of connectivity into a compact desktop box.

    Reviews Aug 2017
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    Arturia AudioFuse interface now shipping

    Arturia's long-awaited 14-in/14-out interface is now available

    Arturia’s long-awaited audio interface, the AudioFuse, is now shippping. Since its announcement over two years ago,...

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