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Audio Interfaces

An Audio Interface is an essential tool for anyone working with audio on a computer, whether for music production, podcasting, streaming, or any other purpose. It allows you to capture and play back high-quality audio, and provides a wide range of options for connecting and shaping the sound of your audio signals. See Sound On Sound's essential A-Z Guide To Audio Interfaces.

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    Mark Lippett & XMOS

    Core Values

    Most audio interface designs are based around technology from British innovators XMOS. What makes the xcore platform so ubiquitous, and what does it mean for musicians?

    People Mar 2024
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    Sam Inglis, new Leader photo landscape black t-shirt

    Price vs Progress


    Are manufacturers becoming more willing to pursue original design concepts?

    People Sep 2022
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    Avid CEO Jeff Rosica 2018

    Avid: Going Forward

    CEO Jeff Rosica

    We speak to Avid CEO Jeff Rosica about how the company have successfully navigated the pandemic and what the future holds....

    People Jun 2021
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    Sam Inglis, SOS Editor In Chief.

    Choices Choices


    Why is Sound On Sound publishing a major article about choosing an audio interface? Many reasons...

    People Sep 2020
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