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Audio Interfaces

An Audio Interface is an essential tool for anyone working with audio on a computer, whether for music production, podcasting, streaming, or any other purpose. It allows you to capture and play back high-quality audio, and provides a wide range of options for connecting and shaping the sound of your audio signals. See Sound On Sound's essential A-Z Guide To Audio Interfaces.

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    Sam Inglis, new Leader photo landscape black t-shirt

    Price vs Progress


    Are manufacturers becoming more willing to pursue original design concepts?

    People Sep 2022
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    Avid CEO Jeff Rosica 2018

    Avid: Going Forward

    CEO Jeff Rosica

    We speak to Avid CEO Jeff Rosica about how the company have successfully navigated the pandemic and what the future holds....

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    Sam Inglis, SOS Editor In Chief.

    Choices Choices


    Why is Sound On Sound publishing a major article about choosing an audio interface? Many reasons...

    People Sep 2020
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