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Cables / Connectors

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    Anatal Electronics XBay 256

    Digitally-controlled Analogue Routing Matrix

    Software‑controlled ‘patchbays’ are invaluable for recall and routing in hybrid studios. Is this the right one for you?

    Reviews Mar 2024
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    CB Electronics XP-Relay

    Analogue Routing Matrix

    The XP‑Relay combines CB Electronics’ sophisticated patchbay control system with the purest possible signal path.

    Reviews Aug 2023
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    Cranborne Audio CAST Intro Bundle

    Analogue Audio Routing System

    Cat cabling is cheap and readily available — and there’s no reason you can’t use it to run balanced analogue audio signals all over the place!

    Reviews Nov 2022
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    CB Electronics XPatch-32

    Analogue Routing Matrix

    With software control, silent switching and a choice of input cards, this clever box is way more than a patchbay substitute.

    Reviews Aug 2021
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    Flock Audio Patch

    Software-controlled Analogue Patchbay

    Never has working with a hybrid analogue/in‑the‑box setup been so easy.

    Reviews Apr 2021
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    Phil Jones Bass Buddy & Little Labs STD

    Bass Guitar Recording DI Box & Instrument Cable Extender

    Two very handy 'accessories' come under scrutiny: PJB's Bass Buddy, a Bass Guitar Recording DI Box, and from Little Labs their STD Instrument Cable Extender.

    Reviews Apr 2007
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    Pedalsnake G2

    Configurable Guitar Rig Multicore

    Where do you turn when you need a multicore that will handle two MIDI lines, a 9V DC power line and a voltage control line?

    Reviews Jan 2006
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    Signex Isopatch CPJ48

    48-way Patchbay

    Paul White gives a new patchbay a shameless (jack) plug...

    Reviews Jul 1998
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    MIDIMAN Digipatch12X6

    Digital Audio Patchbay

    Midiman are a company devoted to producing cost-effective problem solvers, and with the Digipatch they're aiming to solve the problem of affordable digital patching. Paul White finds out how well they've succeeded.

    Reviews Dec 1997
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    Z Systems Z161R


    Now that digital equipment is arriving in project studios, a patchbay becomes a worthwhile purchase. Mike Collins goes back to his routes...

    Reviews Oct 1997
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    Neutrik 48-Way Jack Patchbay

    Low‑cost jack patchbays are available from a number of sources, but most tend to use the same type of budget jack socket...

    Reviews Feb 1997
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    Isotrack Smartpatch


    As an exercise in lateral thinking, re-patching your studio is a delight. As an actual prospect, it's somewhat more daunting. Paul White plugs into a programmable patchbay and lets his fingers do the walking...

    Reviews Apr 1996
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