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Cables / Connectors

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    Studio SOS: Curing Hums & Buzzes

    Alex Attwood

    The SOS team help a reader track down the source of some mysterious hums and buzzes!

    Techniques Nov 2019
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    USB, Firewire & Thunderbolt: Which Is Best For Audio?

    Making A Connection

    If you’re choosing a new audio interface or a new computer, what are the pros and cons of the many different connection protocols that are on offer?

    Techniques Aug 2015
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    Planning Your Studio Wiring

    Studio Installation Workshop

    Suffering from signal degradation or mains hum on your audio lines? The chances are that you're having problems with impedance matching or earth loops. However, with a little understanding and some careful planning, these gremlins can be successfully eliminated.

    Techniques Nov 2002
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    Studio Installation Workshop

    Basic Tools & Techniques

    Most SOS readers seem either to be setting up a studio or refining their existing setup, and could save money and hassle by doing much of the wiring and installation themselves. We explain how.

    Techniques Sep 2002
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