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    Notes From The Deadline

    TV Music From The Inside

    Get a few commissions under your belt and you might start to think you're a big name in the world of music for the media. But as far as the people who make television are concerned, there's no such thing...

    Music Business Nov 2008
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    Paul White - Editor In Chief

    In Through The Out DAW


    As the recent demise of Tascam's Gigastudio has highlighted, having a piece of software that has been a major part of your life for several years suddenly cease development can be a real wake?up call.

    People Nov 2008
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    Readers' Music Reviewed

    Sponsored by

    People Nov 2008
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    Sounding Off

    Tim Clukey

    Reel to real: the true impact of audio archival processing

    People Nov 2008
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