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    Sounding Off: Valuing Software

    Mark Wherry

    Why do musicians see value in the music they write but not the software they use to write it?

    People Sep 2017
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    Paul White.

    Yamaha Buy Steinberg


    Our esteemed leader speculates on the recently completed purchase of Steinberg by Yamaha, and what this might mean for musicians.

    People Mar 2005
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    Paul White c.2003

    The Benefits Of Copy-Protection


    The current extent of software piracy poses a serious threat to the economical stability of the software companies on whom we rely...

    People Jan 2002
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    Paul Ward with African talking drum in his studio.

    Sounding Off: Is It All Getting Too Easy?

    Paul Ward

    Samples, re-sampling, looping, cutting and pasting — is it all getting too easy? Is the phrase 'dance music' becoming an oxymoron?

    People Jan 1999
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