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    Paul White - Editor In Chief

    Less Is More


    While today's recording technology is far more affordable than it was when I started out, those early systems at least had the advantage of simplicity.

    People Sep 2010
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    Notes From The Deadline

    TV Music From The Inside

    Some broadcasters will stop at nothing to save money, even if that means blatantly ripping off composers. So always look at the small print before you leap.

    Music Business Sep 2010
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    Readers' Music Reviewed

    Ben Phelps * Sean Taylor * Deerstone Country * We Know Mason * Third Light * The Quays * A Torn Mind * Metamorphic * Empire State * The Constabulary

    People Sep 2010
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    Matthew Slater: Are We Disrespecting Session Players?

    Sounding Off

    Session players add enormously to music of all kinds. But are we paying them enough to make it worth their while?

    People Sep 2010
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