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    Peter Neubäcker: Melodyne & Celemony, The Next Decade

    Interview | Manufacturer

    It's 10 years since the groundbreaking Melodyne audio-processing software was launched. To celebrate, its inventor Peter Neubäcker invited us into his research lab to talk about possible future developments.

    People Dec 2010
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    Paul White - Editor In Chief

    Art Of The Matter


    Paul White muses on the art of sound and recording.

    People Dec 2010
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    TV Music From The Inside

    Notes From The Deadline

    The only way to make money as a media composer is from publishing — but greedy production companies are targeting our back end with a vengeance.

    Music Business Dec 2010
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    Readers' Music Reviewed

    Tolis Zavaliaris * Tie Your Shoes To Your Knees & Pretend You're Small Like Us * Tony Alderman * Dr Slaggleberry * Silent Strike Lucian Ban & Alex Harding * Clockwork * TnVVNuM * Burn The Negative * Beyond Reason

    People Dec 2010
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    Alex Marten: Is Music Meaningless In Isolation?

    Sounding Off

    Is music meaningless in isolation?

    People Dec 2010
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