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    Paul White - Editor In Chief

    Miracles Take A Little Longer


    Over the past few years, we have seen computer software achieve what had previously been considered to be impossible.

    People Mar 2012
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    Notes From The Deadline

    TV Music From The Inside

    If you make music for a living, now’s the time to unite with others to protect your rights.

    Music Business Mar 2012
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    Readers' Music Reviewed

    Breton * Ove Engen * RJ Thompson * Burning Wire

    People Mar 2012
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    Sounding Off: When Boutique's Not So Chic

    Hugh Robjohns

    SOS Technical Editor Hugh Robjohns ponders whether 'boutique' actually means 'better'.

    People Mar 2012
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    The Mix Review | March 2012

    Analysing Commercial Productions

    • Lady Antebellum 'We Owned The Night' • Cher Lloyd 'With Ur Love' • Snow Patrol 'Called Out In The Dark'

    People Mar 2012
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