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    The Mix Review

    Commercial Productions Analysed

    The Mix Review in Sound On Sound This month we analyse hits from Biffy Clyro, Armin Van Buuren and Duke Dumont, and take a look back at a classic mix, Sinead O’Connor’s version of “Nothing Compares 2 U”, from 1990.

    People Jan 2014
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    Paul White - Editor In Chief

    Auxiliary Spend


    I'm going to let you into a secret that could put our entire industry out of business ­— but trust me, that won't happen...

    People Jan 2014
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    Notes From The Deadline

    TV Music From The Inside

    We all want our names to be associated with famous TV programmes, right? Well, it depends what they're famous for...

    Music Business Jan 2014
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    Readers' music reviewed

    Joe Matera, Obsidian Kingdom, The Flickers.

    People Jan 2014
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    Tom Flint

    Sounding Off

    Have cheap delivery formats destroyed music's value?

    People Jan 2014
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