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    Paul White - Editor In Chief

    War Is Over!


    Ask pretty much any musician planning to make a record what mastering is all about and they'll probably include 'making it sound loud' as one of the more important mastering tasks.

    People Feb 2014
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    Notes From The Deadline

    TV Music From The Inside

    The world is full of products that promise to make our music better. But will clients or audiences notice the difference?

    Music Business Feb 2014
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    Readers' music reviewed

    This month we comment on releases from Seth Lakeman and The Cuckoo Clocks

    People Feb 2014
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    Sounding Off: Dave Stewart

    Management Speak Is Taking Over!

    Management speak is taking over the world.

    People Feb 2014
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    The Mix Review

    Commercial Productions Analysed

    This month we analyse hits from Storm Queen, The Reflektors and Lorde plus our classic mix 'Roxanne' by the The Police. 

    People Feb 2014
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