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    Bad Apples


    Although Macs are simply wonderful when they are working properly, on a bad day they can be just as frustrating as their counterparts...

    People Dec 2018
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    Off The Record: Studio Weddings?

    Music & Recording Industry News

    Studios may be suffering in the 21st Century, but they still hold a certain appeal — not least as wedding venues.

    Music Business Dec 2018
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    Why I Love... Batteries

    Simon Sherbourne

    “I’ve loved standalone sequenced synths and grooveboxes since coming late to the Roland MC202 and Korg’s Electribes. But the computer always seemed the way forward...”

    People Dec 2018
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    The Mix Review

    Commercial Productions Analysed 

    Hone your listening skills, as we dissect more hits from a recording and production perspective. This month: Freya Ridings, Marshmello (feat. Bastille), Ella Mai, and our classic mix is Aretha Franklin ‘I Never Loved A Man (The Way I Love You)’ (1967).

    People Dec 2018
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