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Composing / Arranging / Songwriting

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    Orchestration Assistants

    Tools To Help You Start Scoring!

    Want to get started with scoring? Don’t worry, today’s super‑intelligent sample libraries have got your back.

    Reviews . Mar 2022
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    Orchestration Assistants | Audio Examples

    Hear For Yourself

    Orchestration Assistants Audio Example 01.mp3

    This example features UJAM’s Striiiings. The audio example demonstrates...

    Reviews Mar 2022
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    Plugin Boutique Scaler 2

    Scale Detection & Generation Plug‑in

    Scaler 2 is just the thing to get you out of a songwriting rut.

    Reviews Sep 2020
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    Nextmidi Divisimate

    Arrangement Software

    Suffering for your orchestral arrangements? Divisimate can help.

    Reviews Aug 2020
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    Tin Pan Rhythm

    Composition App For iOS

    Rhythm is a multi-sample playback interface with an eight–step sequencer and five–channel mixer. It is the brainchild of games developer Gil Carmel...

    Reviews Sep 2015
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    SuperMegaUltraGroovy Capo Touch

    Chord Detection App For iOS

    SuperMegaUltraGroovy Capo Touch

    Chord Detection App For iOS

    Capo Touch is the iOS...

    Reviews Nov 2014
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