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Composing / Arranging / Songwriting

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    Q. Will using a multitracker limit me as a songwriter?

    As a songwriter, I write, record and master on my beloved Boss BR8 (I'm soon to updgrade, possibly to the Tascam DP32). Would...

    Sound Advice Mar 2013
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    Q. How do I get back to making music?

    I've spent years dabbling with studio technology, but when get a few spare minutes to actually sit down and create music, I seem to be devoid of inspiration. Can you offer advice?

    Sound Advice Oct 2005
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    Q. How can I find out if my melody has been used before?

    I have a melody which I'm absolutely sure I made up when I was a kid and I want to use it in a composition I am working on. However, the things kids make up can be 'derivative', and I need to confirm that I hadn't heard it before. Do you know of any melody databases that could help me find out?

    Sound Advice Jan 2004
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    Q. What does diatonic mean?

    I know that the white keys on a keyboard form a diatonic scale, but what does diatonic really mean?...

    Sound Advice Sep 2003
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