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Composing / Arranging / Songwriting

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    David Stewart

    Songwriter & Producer

    Since breaking through with BTS’s ‘Dynamite’, David Stewart has been making his mark on modern pop music with hit after hit.

    People Jan 2024
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    Kid Harpoon

    Songwriter & Producer Tom Hull

    The man behind colossal hits for Harry Styles, Miley Cyrus and Florence + the Machine takes a surprisingly old‑school approach to writing and production.

    People Jan 2024
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    Ludwig Göransson

    Hollywood's Hottest Composer

    Film composer and producer Ludwig Göransson has earned a stellar reputation for sonic world‑building.

    People Nov 2023
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    Linda Perry

    Songwriter & Producer

    It takes talent, attitude and self‑belief to succeed in the music business, and Linda Perry has plenty of all three...

    People Sep 2023
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    Cristobal Tapia de Veer

    Hollywood Composer & Producer

    Cristobal Tapia de Veer has become a first‑call Hollywood composer — by ignoring Hollywood’s rules.

    People Aug 2023
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    Blake Slatkin

    Songwriter & Producer

    Songwriting today is about collaboration, capturing moments of inspiration and polishing them ’til they shine. Blake Slatkin is a master of the art.

    People Feb 2023
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    Charlie Puth

    Artist, Producer & Songwriter

    To find himself as an artist, Charlie Puth swapped high‑profile co‑writers for fan reaction on TikTok. It seems to have worked...

    People Dec 2022
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    Paul Englishby


    Film composer, theatre composer, TV composer, ballet composer... Why be one when you can be them all?

    People Jul 2022
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    Max Richter

    Composer & Producer

    Blurring the boundaries between classical music and ambient electronica, Max Richter is one of the most prominent composers of his generation. As of now, he’s also a studio owner...

    People Jun 2022
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    Hannah Peel Electronic Music Composer

    Hannah Peel - Sonic Journey | Podcast

    From LIPA To Game Of Thrones

    Hannah Peel, composer, producer and broadcaster, talks to Caro C about her solo record career, including the shortlisted 2021 Mercury Music Prize electronic album, scoring music for Game Of Thrones and her many other diverse projects.

    People May 2022
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    Hildur Guðnadóttir & Sam Slater

    Composing With Field Recordings

    HBO’s Chernobyl exposed the horrifying story behind the 1986 nuclear disaster — and made a star of composer Hildur Guðnadóttir.

    People Apr 2022
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    Federico Vindver: Producer, Songwriter & Arranger

    Timbaland • Kanye West • Coldplay & More...

    His remarkable versatility has made Federico Vindver the go‑to collaborator for Timbaland, Kanye West, Coldplay and more.

    People Oct 2021
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    The Monsters & Strangerz

    Songwriting & Production Team

    Pop writing and production today is a team game, and the Monsters & Strangerz are one of the hottest teams around.

    People Sep 2021
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    Matt Berry

    Musician, Songwriter & Producer

    Perhaps best known for his television work, Matt Berry’s true love has always been music and the analogue instruments he uses to make it.

    People Dec 2020
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    Nainita Desai in her studio

    Nainita Desai - Film Composer | Podcast

    From Foley to Peter Gabriel to Netflix

    Nainita Desai chats about her distinguished career, from her beginnings as a foley artist right through to becoming a busy and successful award-winning composer.

    People Oct 2020
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    The Role Of Synthesizers In Music

    In a rare interview, legendary composer Vangelis shares his thoughts on the role of synthesizers in music — including his beloved Yamaha CS80.

    People Jun 2020
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    !llmind - From Raw Vocal To Killer Track In ONE HOUR

    SOS Video Feature

    New York-based producer/engineer, songwriter and music educator Illmind has wide-ranging credits extending all the way from 50...

    People Jan 2020
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    Louis Bell: Songwriter & Producer

    Post Malone | Jess Glynne | Selena Gomez

    Louis Bell's unique perspective on songwriting and production has brought massive success with acts such as Post Malone, Jess Glynne and Selena Gomez.

    People Aug 2019
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    Ryan Elder: Scoring Rick And Morty


    We visit the tiny home studio scoring television animation's biggest hit since The Simpsons.

    People May 2019
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    Fred Rister

    Songwriter & Producer

    Together with David Guetta, French producer and composer Fred Rister created the hits that made EDM a global phenomenon.

    People Oct 2018
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    The Horrible Histories Songs

    Matt Katz & Richie Webb

    Karl Marx predicted that history would repeat itself as farce — but he never saw a role for expert pop parody!

    People Dec 2017


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