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Composing / Arranging / Songwriting

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    Music For Video Games

    Gerard 'Gez' Gourley Of Smartdog

    Gez Gourley specialises in creating sound for console games - whether it be orchestral music or crashing cars...

    People Nov 2001
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    Kent Brainerd

    Making Money From Music For Corporate Video

    You don't need to have Top 40 hits to make a living from your music. Just ask Kent Brainerd, who has made a tidy sum by composing music for company training and presentation videos. Find out how...

    People Nov 2001
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    Anders Bagge & Arnthor Birgisson

    Murlyn Music Group

    Richard Buskin talks with two of Sweden's hottest writer-producers about their ongoing work as part of the Murlyn Music Group, including recent hit recordings by Jennifer Lopez, Samantha Mumba and Jessica Simpson.

    People Oct 2001
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    Shawn Clement: TV & Film Composer

    Music For Real Life

    Richard Buskin meets a successful American composer who's specialised in a unique kind of music for television...

    People Sep 2001
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    Paul Farrer

    Composing For Film & TV

    Paul Farrer's name has been a fixture in SOS for several years, but these days he's best-known as the theme tune composer for top BBC TV quiz show The Weakest Link. Paul White asks the questions...

    People Aug 2001
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    Understanding And Writing Lyrics: Part 5

    Simile & Metaphor

    Sam Inglis demostrates how you might furhter enrich your lyric writing with the use of comparisons.

    Techniques Apr 2001
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    Understanding & Writing Lyrics: Part 4

    Connotation & Metonymy

    This month, Sam Inglis shows you how to improve your lyric writing by using fewer words to say more.

    Techniques Mar 2001
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    Understanding & Writing Lyrics: Part 3

    Meter & Rhyme

    In this month's installment, Sam Inglis looks at how you can use the sounds and rhythms of words to make your song lyrics more memorable.

    Techniques Feb 2001
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    Understanding & Writing Lyrics: Part 2


    Whenever we hear or read song lyrics, we are hearing the voice of a person, whether that voice be the songwriter's own, exploring his or her own emotions and feelings, or someone else's. The second part of Sam Inglis' series explains how you can write for different voices to put across different messages.

    Techniques Jan 2001
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