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Composing / Arranging / Songwriting

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    The Horrible Histories Songs

    Matt Katz & Richie Webb

    Karl Marx predicted that history would repeat itself as farce — but he never saw a role for expert pop parody!

    People Dec 2017
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    The Sampled Orchestra: Part 6

    A Blaze Of Trumpets

    Brass and horns ignite the fire at the heart of the orchestra.

    Techniques Dec 2017
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    Hyperballad: Music for Ads

    Video Feature

    Scoring a huge ad campaign in four days is no mean feat, especially when you have to record live musicians.

    Techniques Dec 2017
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    The Sampled Orchestra: Part 5

    Into The Woods

    Creative woodwind writing is the orchestral arranger’s secret weapon.

    Techniques Nov 2017
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    The Sampled Orchestra: Part 4

    Basic Woodwind Writing

    This often-overlooked orchestral family holds the key to a wide range of exciting tonal colours.

    Techniques Oct 2017
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    The Sampled Orchestra: Part 3

    Essential String Playing Styles

    Familiarity with a few common articulations is the key to successful MIDI string arranging.

    Techniques Sep 2017
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    The Sampled Orchestra: Part 2

    Basic String Writing

    Adding strings to an arrangement is a great way to inject motion into your music.

    Techniques Aug 2017
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    Scoring Horizon Zero Dawn

    Joris de Man • Joe Henson • Lucas Van Tol

    Blockbuster video game Horizon Zero Dawn took six years to make, and required its three composers to invent an entirely new sound world.

    Techniques Jul 2017
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    The Sampled Orchestra: Part 1

    Getting Started

    Our major new series explains how to harness the power of today’s virtual orchestral instruments.

    Techniques Jul 2017
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    Scoring Stranger Things

    Michael Stein & Kyle Dixon

    Cult TV series Stranger Things has become essential viewing — and essential listening. We talk to the previously unknown composers behind its hit soundtrack.

    Techniques Mar 2017
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