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    All About Library Music: Part 10

    The A-Z Of Library Music

    We conclude our in-depth guide to the world of library music with an essential cut-out-and-keep explanation of the key words and phrases you’ll hear.

    Music Business Feb 2018
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    All About Library Music: Part 9

    Meet The Publishers

    Composers need publishers. But are they there to help us, or help themselves?

    Music Business Jan 2018
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    All About Library Music: Part 8

    Avoiding Disaster

    Like any way to make a living, library music has its pitfalls. We help you look out for some of the biggest!

    Music Business Dec 2017
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    All About Library Music: Part 7

    How To Write Trailer Music

    There’s a lot of money to be made writing music for movie trailers — so you have to be good. Have you got what it takes?

    Music Business Nov 2017
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    All About Library Music: Part 6

    Hollywood Trailers

    A trailer can make or break a blockbuster movie, and the choice of music can make or break a trailer. Chances are that music will be library music...

    Music Business Oct 2017
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    All About Library Music: Part 5


    Success in the library music world is partly about who you know — so get out there and get to know people!

    Music Business Sep 2017
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    All About Library Music: Part 4

    The Client

    How can you ensure that your library music hits the spot? What better way to find out than to ask the people who buy it!

    Music Business Aug 2017
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    All About Library Music: Part 3

    The Composer

    Successful library music writers are efficient, productive and reliable as well as musical — all skills you can develop too.

    Music Business Jul 2017
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    All About Library Music: Part 2

    The Business

    We saw last month that library music can provide composers with a good income. This month, we explain how that income is generated.

    Music Business Jun 2017
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    All About Library Music: Part 1

    Getting Started

    Production music is rarely glamorous, but it can be very lucrative. In the first of a major new series, we explain how to get your foot in the door.

    Music Business May 2017
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    Q. Will using a multitracker limit me as a songwriter?

    As a songwriter, I write, record and master on my beloved Boss BR8 (I'm soon to updgrade, possibly to the Tascam DP32). Would...

    Sound Advice Mar 2013
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    Q. How do I get back to making music?

    I've spent years dabbling with studio technology, but when get a few spare minutes to actually sit down and create music, I seem to be devoid of inspiration. Can you offer advice?

    Sound Advice Oct 2005
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    Q. How can I find out if my melody has been used before?

    I have a melody which I'm absolutely sure I made up when I was a kid and I want to use it in a composition I am working on. However, the things kids make up can be 'derivative', and I need to confirm that I hadn't heard it before. Do you know of any melody databases that could help me find out?

    Sound Advice Jan 2004
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    Q. What does diatonic mean?

    I know that the white keys on a keyboard form a diatonic scale, but what does diatonic really mean?...

    Sound Advice Sep 2003
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    Q. Should I hire and arranger and an orchestra, or invest in a sequencer and some sound modules?

    I'm thinking about hiring an arranger to do a half a dozen or so of my compositions so that I can get them recorded...

    Sound Advice May 2000
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    20 Tips On Music For The Media

    Feature | Tips & Tricks

    Big George Webley has survived as a media composer for over a dozen years. He learned the following lessons the hard way; you get them free!

    Sound Advice Aug 1999
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