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Composing / Arranging / Songwriting

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    HOFA Song Contest 2021

    HOFA Song Contest closes soon

    €20,000 worth of prizes to be won

    Sixth annual song competition will see the winners bag €20,000 worth of prizes.

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    Creative Passport

    Creative Passport brings Digital Identity Tool to market

    Call to arms for all music makers to sign up, take action and get organised.

    The Creative Passport — which is free for artists — has been designed to enable individuals working in the creative industry to better update, manage and share information about them and their work.

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    Stay-at-home deals

    Software to keep you sane during self-isolation

    We round up some of the best software bargains and freebies to help get you through the quarantine.

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    ConnectionOpen: “Skype for pro audio”

    Remote recording software offers lossless streaming in your DAW

    Self-isolation can be a lonely experience, especially for musicians who are used to collaborating with others. Could that be about to change?

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    SOS author releases eBook for library music composers

    A Composer's Guide to Library Music Available Now

    Regular readers may recall Dan Graham's SOS series on composing, arranging and selling library music for a living...

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    Tim Exile announces Endlesss, a ‘joy-first’ music creation platform

    Project focuses on the joy of music making rather than perfect production

    Founded in 2017 by musician and music technologist Tim Exile, Endlesss (with three esses) is a new music...

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    All About Library Music: Part 10

    The A-Z Of Library Music

    We conclude our in-depth guide to the world of library music with an essential cut-out-and-keep explanation of the key words and phrases you’ll hear.

    Music Business Feb 2018
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    All About Library Music: Part 9

    Meet The Publishers

    Composers need publishers. But are they there to help us, or help themselves?

    Music Business Jan 2018
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    All About Library Music: Part 8

    Avoiding Disaster

    Like any way to make a living, library music has its pitfalls. We help you look out for some of the biggest!

    Music Business Dec 2017
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    All About Library Music: Part 7

    How To Write Trailer Music

    There’s a lot of money to be made writing music for movie trailers — so you have to be good. Have you got what it takes?

    Music Business Nov 2017
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    All About Library Music: Part 6

    Hollywood Trailers

    A trailer can make or break a blockbuster movie, and the choice of music can make or break a trailer. Chances are that music will be library music...

    Music Business Oct 2017
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    All About Library Music: Part 5


    Success in the library music world is partly about who you know — so get out there and get to know people!

    Music Business Sep 2017
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    All About Library Music: Part 4

    The Client

    How can you ensure that your library music hits the spot? What better way to find out than to ask the people who buy it!

    Music Business Aug 2017
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    All About Library Music: Part 3

    The Composer

    Successful library music writers are efficient, productive and reliable as well as musical — all skills you can develop too.

    Music Business Jul 2017
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    All About Library Music: Part 2

    The Business

    We saw last month that library music can provide composers with a good income. This month, we explain how that income is generated.

    Music Business Jun 2017
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    B-Side Project launches 2017 Global Remix Contest

    Cross-genre competition welcomes judges Clean Bandit, La Roux, Roni Size, Subpop founder

    Registration for B-Side Project 2017 is officially open, marking the seventh consecutive year of the...

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    JBL Pro announce UK singer songwriter competition

    Win a JBL EON ONE PA system & recording at Strongroom Studios

    HARMAN’s JBL Professional are pleased to announce JBL EON ONE Take UK, a major new competition giving the UK’...

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    All About Library Music: Part 1

    Getting Started

    Production music is rarely glamorous, but it can be very lucrative. In the first of a major new series, we explain how to get your foot in the door.

    Music Business May 2017
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    Exclusive: Behind The Score with Junkie XL

    Tom Holkenborg (Deadpool/Mad Max) talks about his synth soundtrack for surf film

    Dutch electronic producer Tom Holkenborg, aka Junkie XL, has turned his hand to documentaries in the shape of Distance Between Dreams, which follows iconic surfer Ian Walsh.

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    Registration open for B-Side remix competition

    Competition encourages collaborating outside your comfort zone

    Launched in 2009, B-Side Project is an annual remix...

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    ThinkSpace Education launch 3 online Game Music & Sound Design MAs

    Enroll now for first-of-their-kind Masters programmes

    ThinkSpace Education, a leading online music school specializing in composing for film, video games and television,...



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