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Composing / Arranging / Songwriting

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    Shawn Clement: TV & Film Composer

    Music For Real Life

    Richard Buskin meets a successful American composer who's specialised in a unique kind of music for television...

    People Sep 2001
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    Paul Farrer

    Composing For Film & TV

    Paul Farrer's name has been a fixture in SOS for several years, but these days he's best-known as the theme tune composer for top BBC TV quiz show The Weakest Link. Paul White asks the questions...

    People Aug 2001
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    Composer / Artist

    Whether your bag is pop, jazz, or classical music, or even if you just watch TV occasionally, you've almost certainly heard Richard Niles's work. Mike Senior talks to one of the most versatile men in modern music.

    People Jun 2000
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    Q. Should I hire and arranger and an orchestra, or invest in a sequencer and some sound modules?

    I'm thinking about hiring an arranger to do a half a dozen or so of my compositions so that I can get them recorded...

    Sound Advice May 2000
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    20 Tips On Music For The Media

    Feature | Tips & Tricks

    Big George Webley has survived as a media composer for over a dozen years. He learned the following lessons the hard way; you get them free!

    Sound Advice Aug 1999
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    Barrington Pheloung

    Composing The Inspector Morse Theme & Other TV/Film Music

    British-based Australian Barrington Pheloung is well known for his prolific film and television work, including the theme music to TV's Inspector Morse. One of his most challenging recent projects was the soundtrack to the biopic of Jacqueline Du Pre, Hilary And Jackie...

    People Jul 1999
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    DAVID HIRSCHFELDER: Scoring An Oscar For Elizabeth

    Interview | Composer

    By the time you read this, he could be clutching his first Oscar for his soundtrack for the historic blockbuster Elizabeth. David Hirschfelder discourses with Richard Buskin about the art, science and pyschology of scoring for the moving image.

    People Apr 1999
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    M PEOPLE: Songwriting & Musicianship

    Interview | Band

    Sound On Sound caught up with M People's Paul Heard, before the band headed off on their European tour. Christopher Holder puts aside his preconceptions to learn about songwriting, production, musicianship and family sedans.

    People Apr 1998
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    Debbie Wiseman

    TV & Film Composer Extraordinaire

    Debbie Wiseman has been described as Britain's most prolific and emotionally charged film composer, with a long list of TV and cinema credits that belies her age, including the recent Oscar Wilde biopic.

    People Mar 1998
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    Beverley Craven: MOR & Love Scenes

    Crafting Ballads

    The first album from this chart-topping pianist and chanteuse was a million-seller; her second looks set to continue the trend. Ian Gilby was invited into the Craven home studio to discuss the enduring appeal of MOR.

    People May 1994
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    Suzanne Ciani with ARP and Buchla synthesizers.

    Suzanne Ciani: Dream Suite

    Pushing The Electronic Music Envelope

    Headlining the biggest electronic music festival in Europe was a US composer almost unknown in the UK. A contemporary of synth pioneer Don Buchla, Suzanne Ciani enjoys enourmous success in America, yet such recognition has eluded her so far this side of the Atlantic.

    People May 1994
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    Midge Ure leaning on his Emulator II sampling keyboard

    Midge Ure

    A Man With A Gift

    In between tours with Ultravox and appearances on Live Aid, Midge Ure somehow found the time to discuss the writing and recording of his first ever solo LP 'The Gift' and his No.1 single with SOS Editor Ian Gilby.

    People Nov 1985
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    Paul Bliss

    Thoughts Of A Marathon Songwriter

    You don't know his name but you'll have heard his refrains. Composer Paul Bliss writes hits for the best of 'em using a UMI-2B sequencer package and several synthesizers. Ralph Denyer finds out how.

    People Nov 1985


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