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Audio Editors

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    Melodyne Multi FX

    Using Melodyne As A Guitar Processor

    Melodyne can do far more than fix dodgy vocals. It’s also a source of inspirational guitar effects...

    Techniques Oct 2022
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    Q. How do I convert a split-stereo file to interleaved stereo?

    What's the best way to convert a split-stereo audio file into an interleaved stereo file?

    Sound Advice May 2005
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    Stereo Editing: Part 3

    Tips & Tricks

    In the final part of his series on digital editing, Paul White examines some methods of removing clicks from a recording, before looking at how to burn a production master CD.

    Techniques Mar 2000
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    Stereo Editing: Part 2

    Tips & Tricks

    After last month's overview of the equipment and processes involved in compiling an album master from mixes, Paul White gets down to the business of sorting out wanted audio from unwanted...

    Techniques Feb 2000
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    Stereo Editing: Part 1

    Tips & Tricks

    In the first part of a new series, Paul White looks at the practicalities of stereo editing. So, if you plan on compiling your stereo mixes into an album master, you'd better read on.

    Techniques Jan 2000
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