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Audio Editors

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    Sonic Foundry CD Architect v5

    Red Book CD-burning Application [Windows]

    It's been some time since Sonic Foundry's powerful and easy-to-use CD-burning application was updated, but this version 5 promises wider compatibility and many new features.

    Reviews May 2003
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    The new Plug-In Chainer is multitasking, so you can leave it previewing while you select another part of the file, open other windows, or switch to another file with a different chain of effects.

    Sonic Foundry Sound Forge 6.0

    Digital Audio Editor [PC]

    Sonic Foundry's popular stereo editor takes another step forward with the introduction of non-destructive editing and a multitasking audio engine.

    Reviews Sep 2002
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    Sonic Foundry Acid Pro v3

    PC Audio Loop Sequencer

    Sonic Foundry were the pioneers of loop-based PC sequencing with the initial release of Acid. More than three years on it's more popular than ever, and the latest version includes MIDI and video support among other new features.

    Reviews Jan 2002
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