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    Sibelius 6

    Score-writing Software[Mac OS/Windows]

    The latest and greatest version of the popular score-writing package incorporates some advanced concepts from modern word processors, plus a healthy dose of magnetism...

    Reviews Dec 2009
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    Notion Music Progression

    Scorewriting Software For Guitarists

    With the emphasis on affordability and ease of use, Notion Music's latest notation package is aimed squarely at guitarists.

    Reviews Jul 2008
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    Sibelius 5

    Scorewriting Software [Mac OSX/Windows]

    The latest version of Sibelius Softwares notation package brings instrument plug-ins from the sequencing world into the realm of score-writing.

    Reviews Sep 2007
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    Capella 2004

    Scoring Software [Windows]

    Capella is a highly evolved and intuitive scoring package that helps you get the job done more quickly by cutting down on distractions.

    Reviews Nov 2006
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    Virtuosoworks Notion

    Notation & Performance Software [Mac / PC]

    Ever wondered how your composition would sound played by the London Symphony Orchestra at Abbey Road Studios? Virtuosoworks' notation package gives you the opportunity to find out.

    Reviews Oct 2006
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    Sibelius 4

    Score-writing Software [PC / Mac]

    Viewed by many musicians as the modern standard in computer-based score-writing software, Sibelius has an impressive pedigree and reputation. Following the success of three releases on the Mac and Windows platform, can it maintain its simple user interface as the powerful feature-set continues to expand?

    Reviews Oct 2005
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    MakeMusic! Finale 2004

    Music Notation Software [PC/Mac]

    The latest incarnation of a well-established scoring package holds few surprises, but plenty of power for the asking price.

    Reviews Oct 2004
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    Sibelius 3

    Scorewriter [Mac/PC]

    Over the last 10 years, Sibelius Software have built a reputation for providing what most musicians consider to be the leading scorewriting software. Now, in version 3, they have teamed up with Native Instruments to provide enhanced playback facilities — but does this upgrade live up to the high standards set by previous releases?

    Reviews Jul 2004
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    Sibelius G7

    Mac & PC Notation Software For Guitarists

    Sibelius Software have won over the classical music community with their well-regarded score-writing software. Can their new G7 package do the same for guitarists?

    Reviews Jul 2003
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    Sibelius Scorewriting Software

    Most MIDI sequencers now include some notation facilities, however, these fall some way short of the needs of the scorewriting professional. Arranger and conductor Mike Crofts checks out one of the few dedicated scorewriting programs.

    Reviews May 1999


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