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    Cutting Edge

    Microsoft Smart Display

    When you launch a new product, it's always best to have a clear message. You buy a dishwasher because you hate washing up, you buy a car because you can't walk 20 miles to work, or wait for the bus that comes once a week; and you buy a Microsoft Smart Display because, um...

    People Mar 2003
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    Partitioning PC Hard Drives For Multi-boot Systems

    PC Musician

    As hard drive sizes rise into the hundreds of Gigabytes, it's crucial to consider the benefits that partitioning can bring.

    Techniques Mar 2003
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    Windows' Multi-user Accounts

    PC Notes

    We look at how Windows' multi-user accounts can be used as a potential alternative to setting up different versions of Windows on multiple partitions.

    Techniques Mar 2003
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