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    Millennium Dual-core Pentium 4 PC

    Music Computer

    Dual-core processors hold the key to unprecedented performance with music applications. But how do systems based around Intel's Pentium D, like this one from Millennium Music, compare with their AMD-based rivals?

    Reviews Mar 2006
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    Q. How do I set up a laptop for live use?

    My guitar player's girlfriend has a four-year-old Gateway Pentium III laptop with 64MB RAM and Windows 98SE installed, and she has agreed to let me do whatever I need to so that we can use it for music. How do we wipe the thing clean and end up with Windows XP for an OS, 320MB of RAM and Emagic Logic Audio Platinum on there?

    Sound Advice Jan 2004
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    Millennium Music Laptop PC

    Portable Music Computer

    The advantages of laptop PCs used to be undermined by lower performance and higher prices. Now, however, machines like Millennium Music's notebook are claimed to offer a reasonably priced, mobile replacement for a desktop PC.

    Reviews Sep 2003
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