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    Using An Optically Connected Multi-channel Digital Setup

    Wix Wicken: Songs And Visions

    The spread of the ADAT 8-channel optical digital interface to studio equipment of all kinds has raised the prospect of a revolution in multitrack digital recording. Self-confessed digital evangelist (amd Korg UK product specialist) Paul Wiffen explains how the optical digital interface and several fibreglass cables made keyboard session player Wix Wickens' life easier at last year's prestigious Songs and Visions concert at Wembley.

    Techniques Feb 1998
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    Metalithic Systems Digital Wings

    Audio PC Recording System

    Multi-channel PC soundcards are arriving in droves, but this one is rather different, and incorporates a potential 128 tracks, using unique hardware technology. Martin Walker channels his efforts.

    Reviews . Feb 1998
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    Waves Maxxbass

    Bass Enhancement Plug-in

    Paul White takes it to the max with Waves' latest plug-in.

    Reviews . Feb 1998
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    CreamWare T-DAT 16

    Multitrack Recording System

    This tasty new system finds simultaneous 16-track recording a piece of cake, and throws CD burning and a host of other features into the pot too. Janet Harniman-Cook pulls up a chair and tucks in...

    Reviews . Feb 1998
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    Sonic Foundry Acoustic Modeler

    DirectX Plug-in

    If you want to recreate the sound of a particular hall or studio live room, why not capture its essence and then use this to treat your music? Sonic Foundry's new software makes it all possible. Martin Walker samples the results.

    Reviews . Jan 1998
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    DUY Digital Audio Plug-ins

    Software Plug-ins

    Paul White tries out a new range of European software plug-ins with stylish interfaces and innovative features.

    Reviews . Jan 1998
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    Emagic Logic Audio v3.0

    MIDI Audio Sequencer

    The latest version of this popular audio sequencer sees Emagic's answer to competitor Steinberg's VST built-in effects. But there's rather more to this significant upgrade than that, as Paul White reports.

    Reviews . Jan 1998
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    Chips With Everything

    PC Musician Hardware Update

    If you thought the MMX processor was still the last word in new technology, prepare to boldly go where your PC has never gone before. Martin Walker looks at the many new families of PC chips, and explains their relevance to the musician.

    Sound Advice Jan 1998
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