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    Mac OS X For Musicians

    What You Need To Know

    The most dramatic overhaul of the Mac OS ever was ignored by most musicians until recently — and rightly, as established music applications and standards no longer run under it. But lately, there have been more and more reasons for musicians to leave OS 9 behind. If you're considering making the switch, read on...

    Techniques Apr 2003
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    Speeding Up Windows

    Improving Windows Performance For Music

    Whatever version of Windows you're running, the chances are you can streamline it with a few simple tweaks.

    Techniques Apr 2003
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    Yamaha Open Plug-in Technology (OPT) • Acousticase • SF2 Library

    PC Notes

    This month we look at why MIDI interfaces aren't always to blame for your MIDI timing problems, and report on the latest news regarding Yamaha's Open Plug-in Technology.

    Techniques Apr 2003
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