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    Cutting Edge

    Media2Go; Windows Media Centre Edition; NAB

    We investigate two new technologies from Microsoft that could change the way we use audio and video for entertainment; plus, as video becomes more pervasive in the music technology market, we look at some of the latest announcements from NAB.

    Techniques Jul 2003
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    Eliminating PC Audio Glitches

    PC Musician

    Few things are more frustrating than unwanted clicks and pops in your recorded audio. But what are the main causes, and how can they be eliminated?

    Techniques Jul 2003
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    Apple 17-Inch Powerbook

    Laptop Computer

    With the largest screen ever featured on a portable computer, Apple's flagship laptop would be tempting even if it didn't offer lots of musician-friendly features such as versatile connectivity and quiet operation...

    Reviews Jul 2003
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    IDE Drives For Music - RAID Arrays

    Macintosh Speed Tests

    Traditionally, SCSI drives give high sequencer track counts while IDE drives are more affordable but perform less well. Can you obtain better Mac sequencer performance and save money by using multiple IDE drives? We present some evidence...

    Techniques Jul 2003
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    Tweaking Extensions To Boost System Performance

    Apple Notes

    It's history in OS X, but extension management is a subject every OS 9 user has to deal with. Here, we offer some final advice on the subject and see if tweaking extensions really can boost your system's performance.

    Techniques Jul 2003
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    Use Old Computers As Stand-alone FX & Instrument Racks

    PC Notes

    We offer a few suggestions about using your old computers as stand-alone effects and virtual instrument racks, and look at a utility to remap incoming MIDI velocities.

    Techniques Jul 2003
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