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    Cutting Edge

    Changes to Windows and PCs

    With big changes afoot for Windows and PCs in the medium term, we get the inside track on what they could mean for musicians.

    Techniques Aug 2003
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    Red Submarine Mini-Sub

    PC Music Workstation

    Does a standard PC take up too much space in your studio? Red Submarine's Mini-Sub system packs all the performance of a full-sized desktop PC into a diminutive Micro-ATX case.

    Reviews Aug 2003
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    Plug-ins Under OS X; Apple Music Store

    Apple Notes

    As the Apple Music Store online music experience is unleashed on an unsuspecting world, we speculate on the reasons for the recent reduction in Powerbook prices and take a look at how plug-ins are faring under OS X.

    Techniques Aug 2003
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    Windows Hardware Engineering Conference

    PC Notes

    We survey developments from the recent Windows Hardware Engineering Conference, which brought to light new information concerning the future of the forthcoming 'Longhorn' version of Windows.

    Techniques Aug 2003
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