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    Cutting Edge

    Silent Music PCs

    In these days of multi-GHz CPUs, the silent music PC is but a memory, drowned out by cooling-fan noise. But we can have the speed without all that racket, according to a German PC manufacturer...

    Techniques Sep 2003
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    Millennium Music Laptop PC

    Portable Music Computer

    The advantages of laptop PCs used to be undermined by lower performance and higher prices. Now, however, machines like Millennium Music's notebook are claimed to offer a reasonably priced, mobile replacement for a desktop PC.

    Reviews Sep 2003
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    Remote Control Options For Music PCs

    PC Musician

    Recording with a computer doesn't mean you are tied to sitting right in front of it. Choose the most suitable remote control possibility and you could regain the freedom of your studio.

    Techniques Sep 2003
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    Mac Processor Upgrades For Music

    Speed Tests

    Processor upgrades are a great idea for making older computers in general household use last longer. But how well does a processor speed boost translate into improved performance in musical applications on older Macintoshes? We find out...

    Techniques Sep 2003
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    Apple G5 • Developer Conference Report

    Apple Notes

    Apple had plenty of surprises at their Developer Conference this year, including new hardware (the G5 Power Macs), and new software (Panther). In this specially extended Apple Notes, we consider the likely effects on the Mac-based musician...

    Techniques Sep 2003
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    Cubase SX: Emulated Driver Problems

    PC Notes

    Could your undesirably high MIDI latency in Cubase SX be the result of unwittingly using an 'emulated' driver? Read on to find out.

    Techniques Sep 2003
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    Q. What disk utilities should I use with Windows XP?

    I've heard that with Windows XP, old versions of Norton Speed Disk do not work and that the latest version of Speed Disk included in Norton Utilities has a number of features removed and is no better, if not worse, than the defrag utility that Windows XP comes with...

    Sound Advice Sep 2003
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