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    Cutting Edge

    Ultra-low-cost PCs

    Ultra low-cost PC setups are all very well, but can we be sure they'll run everything we need them to? Cutting Edge finds out from personal experience.

    Techniques Nov 2003
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    INTA Audio SOS Workstation

    Music PC System

    INTA Audio's music workstation boasts some of the latest PC technology, including hyperthreading, dual-channel DDR400 memory and Serial ATA, making it one of the fastest systems around.

    Reviews Nov 2003
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    Devising Music PC Test Routines

    PC Musician

    PC paper specifications can vary so much that it's hard to know how one PC compares to another in terms of its performance with real-word audio apps. Hence the need for tests designed just for music PCs...

    Techniques Nov 2003
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    iTunes Music Store

    Apple Notes

    Legal action by The Beatles' Apple Records caused the iTunes Music Store to hit the headlines recently, but there's no denying it has been an instant success that could change the way music is distributed forever. We look at the background to the Music Store and consider its implications for independent musicians.

    Techniques Nov 2003
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    Badged PCs — What's In A Name?

    PC Notes

    Many laptop PCs that bear a specific brand name are not in fact manufactured by the company in question — and that includes some specialist music PCs. But does this really matter to the musician?

    Techniques Nov 2003
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