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    Using Multiple Audio Interfaces Together

    PC Musician

    If you need more audio interfacing, do you really have to trash an interface that's otherwise perfectly satisfactory and buy a bigger one? Maybe not, as ways of using several smaller interfaces together are becoming easier to find.

    Techniques Feb 2006
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    Distributing Surround Mixes With DVD Studio Pro

    Apple Notes

    With the rumour mills already grinding away in preparation for Macworld 2006 show, we make a brief survey of 2005, as well as taking a look at using Apple's DVD Studio Pro application to distribute surround mixes.

    Techniques Feb 2006
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    IRQ Sharing

    PC Notes

    We revisit the subject of IRQ sharing, to see if the problems it used to cause for musicians have been solved — as well as discussing a partitioning controversy...

    Techniques Feb 2006
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    Q. How do I lower the latency on my laptop?

    I have been experiencing some big problems with latency whilst trying to use Cubase SX. I would be grateful for any help or advice you can offer me.

    Sound Advice Feb 2006
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