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    Are PC Musicians Ready For Windows x64?

    The 64-bit Question

    With advantages such as more efficient processing and the ability to address up to a Terabyte of RAM, Windows XP Professional x64 has a lot to offer PC-based musicians — in theory. We put the fully 64-bit system idea to the test.

    Techniques May 2006
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    Universal Binaries & Mac Mini

    Apple Notes

    The Mac Mini joins the iMac and the new Mac Book Pro as the latest Apple computer to make the move to Intel processors. We also have the latest news on Universal Binaries, including a look at whether the developer tools used to create these new applications will have a negative effect on performance for Power PC users.

    Techniques May 2006
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    Core Duo Laptops: Battery Life

    PC Notes

    Intel Centrino laptops, especially those using the brand-new Core Duo processor, offer much to the PC-based musician but can suffer a reduction in their usually generous battery life under certain circumstances. We investigate...

    Techniques May 2006
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