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    Apple Core Duo iMac


    When is an iMac not an iMac, but still an iMac? When it's a new model featuring an Intel processor. We test Apple's first Intel-based Mac and see what the future holds for Mac musicians and audio engineers.

    Reviews Jun 2006
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    Small Form Factor (SFF) PCs For Music

    PC Musician

    The Small Form Factor (SFF) PC is a useful halfway house between the flexible but bulky desktop PC and the very portable but expensive and not easily upgradeable laptop. But how well does the SFF PC fit the bill for musicians? We find out.

    Techniques Jun 2006
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    Run Windows On Your Mac

    Apple Notes

    News of Apple allowing Mac users to run Windows on their Macs might sound like an April Fool — but it turned out to be anything but a hoax. This month we investigate the possibilities of running Windows on an Intel-based Mac and discuss why you might want to.

    Techniques Jun 2006
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    Preserve Presets When Upgrading

    PC Notes

    This action-packed PC Notes gives advice on preserving your lovingly crafted presets when you upgrade audio software, offers ideas on keeping your dongles safe and brings you the usual haul of handy hints and tips.

    Techniques Jun 2006
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