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    PC System Overload Problems & Workarounds

    PC Musician

    There are many factors that can cause your PC to struggle when playing back your songs — including RAM, your hard drive, your CPU and your system settings. But how do you know which is to blame, and do you have to upgrade or can you work around the problem?

    Techniques Jul 2006
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    Mac Book — Best Value Ever?

    Apple Notes

    In just a few weeks, Apple have completed the transition to Intel processors for their entire Mac portable line, starting with a 17-inch Mac Book Pro and ending with the introduction of the Mac Book family of laptops to replace the iBook. Apple Notes assesses the new machines.

    Techniques Jul 2006
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    PC Benchmark Tests

    PC Notes

    A promising new PC system benchmark test, called DAW Bench, has emerged that shows up a previously elusive audio interface problem. PC Notes investigates...

    Techniques Jul 2006
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    Q. Which PC laptop should I buy?

    I'm considering buying a laptop for various audio tasks, including recording school choirs, community music workshops, live...

    Sound Advice Jul 2006
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