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    PC Audio Labs Athlon Dual-core PC

    Music Computer

    AMD's dual-core Athlon CPUs are proving popular with those seeking the ultimate in desktop PC performance for their money, and this machine from PC Audio Labs shows why.

    Reviews Sep 2006
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    Apple Macbook Pro

    Laptop Computer

    Apple's first Intel-based laptop was introduced earlier this year. Is this the portable Mac musicians and audio engineers have been waiting for?

    Reviews Sep 2006
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    PC Musician: XP Tweaks For Music

    The Audio Tweaks That Work - And The Ones That Don't!

    Windows XP works better for audio than any other Windows OS so far, but musicians still seek those ultimate go-faster tricks, so this month we bring you a guide to those that are worth doing and those that are worth avoiding.

    Techniques Sep 2006
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    Audio Processing With Image Units

    Apple Notes

    As the Mac world looks forward to news of what's in store for the next major version of Mac OS X, we take a look back on an interesting technology, introduced in the last major version, whose audio-processing potential has so far been overlooked.

    Techniques Sep 2006
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    New Intel Processors On The Way...

    PC Notes

    New Intel desktop processors promising lots of power but significantly lower operating temperatures, plus 64-bit compatibility — an ideal combination for computer-based musicians — are about to arrive. If you're on the verge of upgrading your PC, read this first...

    Techniques Sep 2006
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    Q. Has anyone tested a PCMCIA to Express Card adaptor with the Emu 1616M, or do PCMCIA to Firewire (or USB 2.0) adaptors exist?

    I'm currently living in Ethiopia and my latest volunteer just brought me a new PC laptop, which I thought would let me...

    Sound Advice Sep 2006
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