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    Choosing A Portable PC For Music

    PC Musician

    The attractions of making and recording music on a laptop computer are obvious, but choosinga laptop can involve you in performance compromises and compatibility problems. Here's what you need to consider if you are thinking of going mobile.

    Techniques Oct 2003
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    Apple Soundtrack • AMS Icons

    Apple Notes

    The jungle drums are beating once again this month, as Apple begin shipping G5 Power Macs, and we take a closer look at Soundtrack, Apple's Acid-like loop-based music production tool, which is now available as a stand-alone product.

    Techniques Oct 2003
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    Windows XP Page File

    PC Notes

    It's a fair bet that many Windows XP musicians don't even know they have a page file, let alone where it is or what effect it could have on their recording. We reveal all.

    Techniques Oct 2003
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    Q. Should I use my PC's ACPI mode?

    I've just bought a PC laptop and a MOTU 828. I installed the software and have been using Emagic Logic 5.5. However when I turn off the computer's Advanced Configuration Power Interface (ACPI) it no longer recognises that the 828 is there. Why?

    Sound Advice Oct 2003
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