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    A studio in the palm of your hand. For music and audio apps, the iPad Mini offers roughly the same performances as the third-generation iPad, but in a lighter, more slender and cheaper package.

    App Works

    Making Music On The Move

    This month we look at the new iPad Mini, Microsoft Surface and Borderlands Granular Synth app.

    Reviews Jan 2013
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    Using Apple’s iOS Devices For Music

    Power Pads

    Apple revolutionised music‑making with the Macintosh computer, and now their tablet devices are poised to do the same. We offer the first in‑depth exploration of the potential of iOS devices for music.

    Reviews Jun 2011
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    Mac: Installing A MIDI Interface

    Apple Notes

    Installing a MIDI interface to work with your Mac should be an easy task, but what happens if it doesn't want to play ball? Apple Notes is here to help.

    Techniques Jul 2007
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    Running Windows On Intel Macs

    Apple Notes

    We take another look at running Windows on Intel Macs and consider how Apple's latest acquisition will affect their professional video and audio software.

    Techniques Feb 2007
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    OS X RAID: Any Good For Audio?

    Apple Notes

    With the new Mac Pro offering increased internal data storage, we investigate whether using the software RAID functionality built into OS X has any benefits for audio applications.

    Techniques Dec 2006
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    GarageBand 2, PowerBooks & iPods

    Apple Notes

    Although intended as an entry-level application to introduce new people to computer-based music making, Apple's GarageBand has received acclaim from beginners and professionals alike. We look at version 2, which adds score editing, multitrack audio recording, and more...

    Techniques May 2005
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    Setting Up Logic Node

    Apple Notes

    We've discussed Logic's distributed audio processing in past Apple Notes columns, but this month we offer some tips on setting up Logic Node to run on a network of headless Macs, along with some advice on Firewire-based networking.

    Techniques Apr 2005
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    Using Mac OS 10.3 For Music

    Panther OS X

    Mac OS 10.3 (Panther) has been with us a few months, and has been dissected and evaluated to destruction in the mainstream computer press — but just how useful are its new features for Mac-based musicians and engineers?

    Techniques Aug 2004
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    MIDI Config Problems In OS X • GarageBand Update

    Apple Notes

    The launch of Mac OS 10.4, codenamed Tiger, is just around the corner, but in the meantime there's the 1.1 update of GarageBand to be going on with. We reveal the improvements, as well as investigate MIDI configuration problems in OS X.

    Techniques Jul 2004
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    OS X Panther

    Apple Notes

    As Apple's recent Panther operating system upgrade is adopted by the Mac community, the usual problems that accompany such a major change begin to surface. We take a closer look at the issues worth considering before making the jump to Panther, and report on Apple's new iBook G4.

    Techniques Jan 2004
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    iTunes Music Store

    Apple Notes

    Legal action by The Beatles' Apple Records caused the iTunes Music Store to hit the headlines recently, but there's no denying it has been an instant success that could change the way music is distributed forever. We look at the background to the Music Store and consider its implications for independent musicians.

    Techniques Nov 2003
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    Apple Soundtrack • AMS Icons

    Apple Notes

    The jungle drums are beating once again this month, as Apple begin shipping G5 Power Macs, and we take a closer look at Soundtrack, Apple's Acid-like loop-based music production tool, which is now available as a stand-alone product.

    Techniques Oct 2003
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