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    Upgrading Mac OS

    Apple Notes

    With OS 10.8 Mountain Lion nearly upon us, just when is the right time to upgrade your Mac OS — and to what version?

    Techniques Aug 2012
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    Apple Notes

    For those suffering the frustrations of moving audio from one app to another, a solution may finally have arrived, in the form of Audiobus.

    Techniques Jul 2012
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    Protecting Against Viruses On Macs

    Apple Notes

    After years of relative immunity, the Mac platform may now be more vulnerable to virus attacks. What precautions should you be taking?

    Techniques Jun 2012
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    New iPad v Mac

    Apple Technique

    While the iPad users are getting all the attention, let’s learn to love our Macs again...

    Techniques May 2012
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    Loops Utility; iTunes Match

    Apple Notes

    This month we wonder at Apple’s lasting appeal, show you how to regain the Apple Loops utility, and eat our words...

    Techniques Apr 2012
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    iTunes Match

    Apple Notes

    Our intrepid columnist gets down and dirty with iTunes Match, confirming that it may indeed change the way people consume music.

    Techniques Mar 2012
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    What Does Logic Studio App Mean For Musicians?

    Apple Notes

    Not only is Logic Studio now on sale at the Mac App Store, but its price has been massively cut, making Logic Express redundant. What does it all mean for the Logic musician?

    Techniques Feb 2012
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    The Cloud

    Apple Notes

    It should be a stress-free ascent, but our Apple guru finds himself confronted with all kinds of complications when moving to the Cloud...

    Techniques Jan 2012
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