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    Apple M2 MacBook Air MacBook Pro

    New M2 MacBooks announced

    Redesigned Air and 13” MacBook Pro gain M2 chips

    WWDC saw Apple introduce two machines powered by their new M2 chip.

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    Apple Mac Studio

    Apple debut Mac Studio

    New desktop computer offers serious power in a compact footprint

    M1-based desktop computer boasts USB 3, Thunderbolt 4, HDMI 2.0, 10Gb Ethernet and SD card ports with two choices of processor: the brand new M1 Ultra or M1 Max (seen on the latest MacBook Pro).

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    Apple Logic Pro X 10.7

    Apple M1 Pro & M1 Max MacBook Pros plus Logic 10.7

    Apple doubles down on Atmos immersive audio enhancements

    New version of Logic Pro X now available; next-gen Apple Silicon MacBook Pros announced.

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    Apple iMac

    Apple announce new iMac & iPad Pro

    All-in-one computer features a Dolby Atmos array

    M1-equipped iMac features a six-speaker Dolby Atmos array, while the new iPad Pro boasts Thunderbolt connectivity.

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    Apple Silicon

    What Does It Mean For You?

    Apple recently announced a transition in the Mac’s hardware architecture that promises to be the most significant in the product’s history. But how will this affect musicians and audio engineers?

    Sound Advice Dec 2020
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    Apple set to ditch Intel?

    Rumoured switch to ARM could be announced 22nd June

    Unconfirmed report suggests the switch to ARM CPUs will be announced later this month.

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    The article author Paul Baggott with Mac Pro below his studio desk

    Diary Of A Mac Pro Upgrader

    The Journey Is The Reward?

    Like many SOS readers, Paul Baggott's studio centred around the original 'cheesegrater' Mac Pro tower but in 2020 he could hold off no longer and needed to upgrade. In our 'web-only' feature, we thought you'd enjoy reading the trials-and-tribulations tale of Paul's journey and his real-world experiences as this producer bites the bullet and buys a new 2019 Mac Pro.

    People Jun 2020
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    Q. Should I partition my iMac’s SSD?

    I’ve recently bought an iMac and would be grateful for any advice on how to set up the hard drives for music...

    Sound Advice Apr 2017
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    Readers' Writes

    Replies to more of your emails, letters and faxes.

    People Sep 2004
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    Setting Up A Desktop Studio: Part 3

    Tips & Tricks

    Paul White concludes this short series by considering a more sophisticated desktop studio incorprating an external digital mixer.

    Sound Advice Oct 2000
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    Setting Up A Desktop Studio: Part 2

    Sound Advice

    Continuing his series on setting up a recording environment based around a Mac or PC computer, Paul White goes through the hardware and software options for recording audio alongside your MIDI tracks.

    Sound Advice Sep 2000
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