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    Direct Resolution Studio Plus

    Audio PC

    The Direct Resolution Studio Plus is a high-performance, low-noise audio PC that enjoys a cheaper price tag than many of its competitors. Interested? Read on...

    Reviews Dec 2007
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    Apple Macbook Pro

    17-inch Laptop Computer

    Apple's 17-inch Macbook Pro has both attracted and put off potential purchasers because of its size. But, with a new higher-resolution display and the latest mobile technology, is it now a must for those seeking the best in laptop performance?

    Reviews Sep 2007
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    PC Freeware Sequencers & Editors

    PC Musician

    Not only are these applications easier to use than commercial packages that can be confusingly feature heavy, they're also extremely easy on the wallet...

    Sound Advice Sep 2007
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    Rackmounting Your PC

    PC Musician

    Putting your PC in a rack has a number of advantages. Apart from getting the machine out from under your feet, and making it easier to take on the road in a flightcase, there are security benefits too. Here's how to perform the conversion, and potentially make your PC quieter at the same time.

    Sound Advice Aug 2007
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    Rain Recording Nimbus PC

    Quad Core Music Computer

    This Rain Recording model is the fastest PC ever reviewed in SOS, and also one of the quietest. Let's take a closer look...

    Reviews Jul 2007
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    Vista For Musicians: Part 2: What The Developers Think

    PC Musician

    If the transition to Windows Vista is a matter of concern for PC-based musicians, imagine how serious it must be to music hardware and software developers. Our Round Table gives some of them the chance to air their views about the new OS and the problems and opportunities it presents.

    Sound Advice Jul 2007
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    Q. What is Microsoft Sound Mapper?

    I use Sound Forge to record on to my laptop, and until very recently it's been working fine — until an...

    Sound Advice Jul 2007
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    Q. Should I use my spare PC as a remote workstation?

    My friend has just built a control room at the rear of his house, and he would like to set up a networked remote...

    Sound Advice Jul 2007
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    Q. What's the best way to transfer software to my new PC?

    I have just ordered a new PC, which I am turning into a music-only machine, using software from my old workhorse computer....

    Sound Advice Jun 2007
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    PC Spring Cleaning

    PC Musician

    Your PC may well be the nerve-centre of your studio, so keeping it in top condition is worth a bit of effort. Read on for the SOS guide to inner and outer PC cleanliness.

    Sound Advice May 2007
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    Q. Do RAM voltages make a difference?

    In your recent article 'Specifying and Building A Dual-core Desktop PC' (printed in SOS February 2007), the RAM chosen was specified for 1.9V. The selected Intel motherboard specifies 1.8V only. Why did this not result in failure to boot up?

    Sound Advice Apr 2007
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