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    BIOS Tweaks For Music Performance

    PC Musician

    Your computer's most fundamental system settings are stored in its BIOS. Modifying them can help increase performance and eliminate glitches, but it's not something to approach lightly...

    Techniques Dec 2002
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    The Truth About Latency: Part 2

    Latency & Latency Jitter: Real-world Tests

    In the second part of our investigation into the real-world delays caused by PC hardware and software, we consider the differences between different MIDI applications and versions of Windows. Are some sequencers really 'tighter' than others?

    Techniques Oct 2002
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    Detecting & Resolving PC Hardware Faults

    PC Musician

    Not all PC problems are down to software, and a huge range of difficulties - from occasional glitches to complete system failure - can actually be caused by hardware faults. Here's how to diagnose and cure some of the most common.

    Techniques Jun 2002
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    Microsoft Windows XP main screen.

    Windows XP: Is It Suitable For Music?

    PC Musician

    Windows XP is probably the most important PC operating system upgrade since Windows 95, but as always, its new features come at a cost. Should you upgrade your computer? Here's the definitive guide...

    Techniques Feb 2002
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