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    Retro Jungle Production With Pete Cannon

    Video Feature: Retro Akai, Atari & Amiga

    In this exclusive SOS Video Feature, we talk to jungle producer Pete Cannon about how and why he’s still using Akais, Ataris and Amigas.

    Techniques Aug 2020
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    Q. Should I choose Windows 8 or 10?

    I’m currently looking into a new music PC build and wondered which Windows operating system you’d recommend.

    Sound Advice Oct 2015
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    Q. Do laptops sound worse when using an AC adapter?

    A mastering engineer told me that, when playing back source files from his laptop into a high-quality USB-connected D-A, the...

    Sound Advice Nov 2014
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    Q. How can I rid my PC of annoying background noises?

    I've recently added some new gear to my PC-based studio and now get low-level whistling noises through my loudspeakers that...

    Sound Advice Aug 2014
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    Q. Which CPU meter should I believe?

    I have a PC with a Q6600 quad‑core processor running Cubase 4, and despite clicking on the Cubase 'Multi Processing' switch,...

    Sound Advice Oct 2009
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    Q. How do I interpret software system requirements?

    My PC is a few years old now, but I'm keen to try out some recent soft synths and other audio applications. However, I'm not...

    Sound Advice Jan 2009
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    Q. Is Firewire 800 backwards compatible?

    I have three Firewire 400 devices, which all run simultaneously, but I only have one Firewire 400 port, so using them all...

    Sound Advice Feb 2008
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    Audio Recording Using A PC Soundcard

    Basic Principles

    As with any recording system, the first goal of recording on a PC is to preserve as faithful a copy of the source sound as possible. Achieving this, however can be a complicated business. Martin Walker goes back to basics.

    Techniques Jul 2001
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    Q. What do I need to get started in recording on my PC?

    I've been playing in bands ever since I saw George Harrison and the boys in 1963 (I'm still a Beatle‑freak!) Now,...

    Sound Advice Mar 2000
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    Stereo Editing: Part 1

    Tips & Tricks

    In the first part of a new series, Paul White looks at the practicalities of stereo editing. So, if you plan on compiling your stereo mixes into an album master, you'd better read on.

    Techniques Jan 2000
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    Avoiding Latency Problems When Recording In A Computer Studio

    Tips & Tricks

    Paul White examines how a simple computer-based studio can be hooked up with a mixer to provide zero-latency monitoring during recording.

    Techniques Aug 1999
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    Recording 20-bit & 24-bit PC Audio

    PC Musician

    Audio software and PC soundcards are offering 20- or 24-bit recording capabilitiy at even more affordable prices — but whether the extra data on your hard disk will actually correspond to better sound quality depends on a host of other factors. Martin Walker tells you what you need to know when deciding if you should make the change.

    Techniques Mar 1999
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    Ins & Outs Of Gain Structure

    PC Musician

    Setting up your gear for low noise and minimum distortion needn't be a nightmare. Martin Walker gudes you through the process, and shows you how to stand tall, even without headroom.

    Techniques Apr 1998
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    Hard Disk Recording Basics: Part 2


    David Mellor takes a look at the components of a typical disk recording system, and passes on some hints on what to look for when deciding on a setup.

    Techniques Nov 1994
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    Hard Disk Recording Basics: Part 1


    Paul White looks at both sides of hard disk recording, and concludes that although it's generally a good thing, it isn't destined to take over the world just yet.

    Techniques Oct 1994
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