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    Chillblast Artiste Mozart

    Audio Computer

    Mainstream PC builders Chillblast have made an impressive debut in the music computer market.

    Reviews Oct 2012
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    Scan 3XS Intel SAX6 PowerDAW PC

    Music Computer

    Scan’s new hex-core machine offers huge amounts of processing power and RAM. Is it the perfect studio PC?

    Reviews Aug 2012
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    Rain Recording Event Muse

    Silent PC For Music Recording

    If you want a computer that’s completely silent, yet portable and powerful enough for location recording, look no further.

    Reviews Jul 2012
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    Inta Audio i7 Ultimate Music PC

    Studio Computer

    Does this luxuriously specified audio PC justify its premium price tag?

    Reviews Mar 2012
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    World’s Smallest PC WS645F

    Fanless PC

    It’s not the cheapest PC around and it’s not the most powerful, but this machine might just help you make better recordings.

    Reviews Jan 2012
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