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    Virtual Instrument

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    Apple iMac 800

    Desktop Computer

    Apple's new iMac is as radical in appearance as its predecessor — but how well does it fit into the recording studio?

    Reviews May 2002
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    Apple Notes

    On October 25th 2001 Apple released their first non-Mac device for many years, the iPod. Apple Notes spots a vital clue which makes the iPod rather useful to the recording musician, whatever the general consumer makes of it...

    Techniques Jan 2002
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    Mac Processor Upgrades

    Tested For Musical Applications

    Upgrading your ageing Mac's processor to extend its useful working life is an appealing concept, and there are plenty of processor upgrades on the market. But what effect do they really have on musical and recording applications? We tested eight of them to find out...

    Techniques Dec 2001
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    VM (Virtual Memory) Demystified

    Apple Notes

    Vic Lennard signs-off as SOS Apple Notes columnist with a look at VM.

    Techniques Jan 2001


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