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    Cakewalk Sonar digital multitrack recording system for PC

    Cakewalk's Pro Audio range is one of the most widely used sequencers in the PC world, but their latest package has a new name and a new image, as well as lots of new features. Martin Walker tries out Sonar.

    Reviews Jun 2001
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    Cakewalk Pro Audio 9

    MIDI Audio Sequencer

    If Cakewalk was a cat, it'd be on its last life by now — but, as Kevin Perry discovers, the long-established PC sequencing package shows no sign of turning up its paws just yet...

    Reviews Dec 1999
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    Cakewalk FX3 Soundstage

    Reverb / Virtual Room Simulator

    PC DirectX only

    Cakewalk's FX3 Soundstage is, in essence, a reverb, but that description...

    Reviews Jul 1999
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    Cakewalk Guitar Studio

    MIDI Audio Sequencing Software

    Paul White braves the slings and arrows of his outrageous PC in the good cause of testing a MIDI + Audio sequencer designed with the guitarist in mind.

    Reviews Mar 1999
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    Cakewalk Metro 4

    MIDI Audio Sequencer

    For years Metro was a fully-featured Mac MIDI-only sequencer without a permanent home, available from various manufacturers. Now, the package has been adopted by PC sequencer company Cakewalk to help them attract Mac-based custom — and they have added various new features including audio support. Mike Collins goes underground...

    Reviews Feb 1999
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    Cakewalk Pro Audio 7

    MIDI Audio Recording Software

    Janet Harniman-Cook goes great guns with the latest version of Twelve Tone's popular MIDI + Audio recording software for PC owners.

    Reviews Sep 1998
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    Cakewalk Pro Audio v7; Musician's CD Player

    PC Notes

    Updating software ought to be a simpler matter, but often things don't go according to plan. Martin Walker catalogues a selection of problem areas.

    Techniques Jun 1998
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    Cakewalk Hints

    Tips & Tricks

    Cakewalk's Robin Kelly passes on some hints and tips designed to help users of the popular Cakewalk Pro Audio PC audio sequencing package get the best from their software.

    Techniques Oct 1997
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    Cakewalk Pro Audio 6


    If you're recording and editing MIDI + Audio on a PC, you'll want to try a piece of the latest Cakewalk. Janet Harniman-Cook reports from the kitchen.

    Reviews Aug 1997
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    Cakewalk Audio; Tel-Me Route-finder

    PC Notes

    Brian Heywood ponders some PC problems and waxes lyrical over the forthcoming Soundscape upgrade.

    Techniques Aug 1996
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    Cakewalk Pro Audio v4.01

    Sequencing Software

    With the addition of digital audio, version 4.0 of this popular, PC-based sequencing package isn't so much a cake as a chocolate gateau. Janet Harniman-Cook takes a walk in the Black Forest...

    Reviews Jun 1996
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