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    Digidesign Pro Tools 4


    With impressive improvements in power, speed and flexibility, Digidesign's software upgrade for their flagship digital audio production system keeps them ahead of the pack. Paul D. Lehrman wonders where the catch is...

    Reviews Jul 1997
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    Digidesign Pro Tools 4.0

    Digital Audio Software Upgrade

    There are now more options on the market than ever before for anyone wishing to indulge in hard disk recording and editing. Paul D. Lehrman previews the latest update for the popular Pro Tools system, designed to keep Digidesign on top amidst increasing competition.

    Reviews Dec 1996
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    Digidesign Session; Digidesign Audiomedia III

    Digital Recording Software; PCI Card

    Digidesign's Session digital recording software has now made the transition from Apple Macintosh to Windows-compatible PCs, a feat made possible by the simultaneous release of the company's first PCI-format digital I/O card, the Audiomedia III. Paul White checks out both.

    Reviews Jul 1996
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    TDM Software Plug-ins

    Digidesign Pro Tools, Part 2

    Mike Collins concludes his look at the available TDM software plug-ins, concentrating this month on those made by third-party manufacturers.

    Reviews Mar 1996
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    TDM Software Plug-ins

    Digidesign Pro Tools, Part 1

    The all-digital, computer-based recording studio is no longer a distant future possibility. Thanks to digidesign's TAM buss, many of the processing capabilities of a traditional studio setup are now available as computer software plug-ins. In the first of this two-part feature, Mike Collins takes us through some of the available options.

    Reviews Feb 1996
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    Digidesign Session 2.0

    Multitrack Software

    With hardware almost becoming a 'taboo' word these days, David Mellor investigates what Digidesign's hardware-free recording software can offer the budget-conscious musician.

    Reviews Dec 1995
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    Digidesign SampleCell II

    PC Card

    The SampleCell II PC card can turn your humble PC into a fully-featured, 32-voice sample replay unit with eight individual outputs. Brian Heywood investigates.

    Reviews Nov 1995
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    Digidesign DINR

    Intelligent Noise Reduction Software

    Owners of Sound Tools II digital editing systems can now have access to sophisticated techniques for reducing noise on recordings - thanks to the DINR intelligent Noise Reduction software. Paul White loads it up and looks for a quiet life...

    Reviews Apr 1994
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