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    Audio Editors

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    Virtual Instrument

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    Optimising The Latency Of Your PC Audio Interface

    PC Musician

    If you are tempted to go and make a cup of tea in the gap between pressing a note on your keyboard and hearing it play on your soft synth, you need help! Read on...

    Techniques Jan 2005
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    Processor Wars

    PC Notes

    Intel abandon their 4GHz Pentium processor speed target and shift their attention to the dual-core technology first espoused by AMD. Whatever is going on?

    Techniques Jan 2005
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    Emu EIIIX Roundup

    v2.1 System Software; Remote Editor/Librarian; Sample CD-ROM

    Mike Barnes rounds up a new wave of software and hardware support for the Emu EIIIX, which once again makes Emu samplers a serious alternative at the higher end of the sampler marketplace.

    Reviews Oct 1994
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