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    Q. Should I use my PC's ACPI mode?

    I've just bought a PC laptop and a MOTU 828. I installed the software and have been using Emagic Logic 5.5. However when I turn off the computer's Advanced Configuration Power Interface (ACPI) it no longer recognises that the 828 is there. Why?

    Sound Advice Oct 2003
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    MOTU Digital Performer v3: MIDI Audio Sequencer For Mac

    The latest and greatest incarnation of MOTU's flagship Mac sequencer adds full surround mixing support among many other new features.

    Reviews Nov 2001
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    MOTU Digital Performer v2.7

    MIDI Audio Recording Software

    Nicholas Rowland tries out the new features in MOTU's ever-evolving flagship Macintosh sequencing package.

    Reviews Dec 2000
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    MOTU Digital Performer v2.6

    MIDI Audio Sequencer

    Evolution is happening everywhere, and nowhere more so than MOTU's flagship recording software for the Mac. Nicholas Rowland tracks down the latest version.

    Reviews Jan 2000
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    MOTU FreeStyle


    If you feel that the average sequencer makes you take off your musician's head and put on your computer programmer's head, take a look at FreeStyle. Derek Johnson is not a number, he's a free man...

    Reviews May 1998
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    MOTU Digital Performer, Composer MOSAIC, Freestyle

    Tips & Tricks

    MOTU software specialist and UK distributor Simon Stock passes on some useful info for users of Performer, Digital Performer, Composer's MOSAIC and Freestyle.

    Techniques Jun 1997
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    MOTU Freestyle

    PC Sequencer

    This unconventional sequencer program aims to let musicians work like musicians rather than computer programmers, and has already met with an enthusiastic response in its original Mac version. Paul Nagle hand-picks his virtual musicians and gets jamming.

    Reviews Jan 1996
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    MOTU Unisyn

    Universal Editor/Librarian

    Windows users looking for comprehensive and professional editor/librarian support for their MIDI instruments may not need to look any further. Paul Nagle perks up his patches with Unisyn.

    Reviews Dec 1995
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    MOTU Freestyle

    Sequencing Software

    Mark of the Unicorn have taken a brand-new look at sequencing for their latest package, FreeStyle, which is aimed at entry-level users as well as musicians who would rather avoid most of the complexities of MIDI. Mike Collins checks it out.

    Reviews Jan 1995
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    MOTU Performer v5.0


    Mark of the Unicorn's Performer has been a Mac sequencing stalwart for almost as long as the Mac platform has been used by musicians. Now faced with a growing number of competitors, it's up to version 5.0 and continues to improve in presentation and functionality, according to Mike Collins.

    Reviews Oct 1994
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    MOTU Digital Performer

    Mac Sequencing & Digital Recording Environment

    Mike Collins takes an in-depth look at Digital Performer Version 1.4/Performer Version 4.2 and the Digital Waveboard, which adds hard disk audio recording to Performer's powerful sequencer.

    Reviews Jan 1994
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