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    Opcode Vision DSP v4.1


    US software and hardware innovators Opcode have come far since their first MIDI-only sequencer in the late '80s; the latest descendent of that program, Vision DSP, incorporates 24-bit audio recording and compatibility with VST plug-ins. Bob Dormon focuses on the new features in this latest Vision...

    Reviews Jan 1999
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    Opcode Studio Vision Pro 4

    MIDI Audio Sequencer

    Studio Vision has been offering digital audio recording for an amazing eight years, making Opcode a pioneer in this field. Martin Russ sets out to discover whether successor Studio Vision Pro is still keeping up with the times, and finds it visibly improved...

    Reviews Oct 1998
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    Opcode Software Tips

    Tips & Tricks

    Greg D'Alessio of Opcode Systems offers some hints, tips, and advice for Mac users running Vision, Studio Vision Pro, and Overture software.

    Techniques Jul 1997
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    Opcode Vision 2.5


    One of the Mac world's sequencing front-runners, Vision has been ported to the PC, where it faces some stiff competition from the established packages. Paul Nagle goes all visionary...

    Reviews Sep 1996
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    Opcode Digitrax, OSC Deck II & Digidesign Session

    Apple Mac Software Roundup

    Several software houses are producing modestly priced programs which take advantage of the audio capabilities fo the Apple Power Macs. The result can be high-quality multitrack digital audio at a suprisingly low cost. Paul D. Lehrman finds he's got the Power...

    Reviews Mar 1996
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    Opcode Studio Vision Pro v3.0


    The new version of Opcode's flagship sequencer/ hard disk recording package almost extinguishes the differences between audio and MIDI recordings, allowing unprecedented control over your compositions. A hitherto MIDI-only Martin Russ broadens his horizons...

    Reviews Mar 1996
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    Opcode Overture

    Notation Software

    Opcode's new Overture notation program has been called "dtp for music" and aims to bring the arcane art of music notation into the age of user friendliness. derek johnson finds it's worthy of note...

    Reviews Dec 1994
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    Opcode Vision 2.0.3

    Sequencing Software

    Born-again Vision user Mike Collins runs down the new features in the latest version of Opcode's pro Mac sequencing package, and reveals why he now believes it's the standard to beat...

    Reviews Jun 1994
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